Light up your savings with LEDs

Buy SRP discounted LEDs at participating Phoenix area retailers

SRP offers discounts on several types of LED lamps at participating Valley retailers. These LEDs are labeled and the markdown is included in the shelf price. All you have to do is make the switch to start saving energy and money.

What are LEDs?

Light-Emitting Diodes or LEDs are now used in bulbs and fixtures. They have evolved over time from first being used in calculators to billboards and even scoreboards today. LEDs are a directional light source, which means they focus light rays in a specific direction. This takes less energy, which saves you money.

The bright side of LED savings*

ENERGY STAR® LEDs have the potential to save you up to $135 over their lifetime when compared to standard incandescent bulbs. The benefits don't stop there because LEDs:

  • Produce less heat
  • Use less electricity
  • Lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs

Calculate your savings

Use our online calculator to discover how different lamps can light up your savings.

How to read an LED bulb label

Got questions?

Ask Jerry, SRP's resident energy expert. And be sure to check out these enlightening facts from Energy.Gov about lumens and the lighting facts label.

Offer details: Discounts are included in the shelf price of the lamps (look for the SRP signage indicating discounted LEDs). SRP reserves the right to change or terminate this offer without prior notice. SRP makes no representations and provides no warranty or guarantee with respect to the product or offer. (See package for manufacturer warranty.)

Did you know?

LEDs used in a newborn's room today probably won't need to be replaced until that child goes off to college.

* Results may vary depending on lamp type and hours of use.