Nest Thermostat users, get $75

Join Rush Hour Rewards and get paid

Enroll in Nest Rush Hour Rewards and get a $75 electric bill credit per thermostat (up to two thermostats). After each subsequent summer season, you'll earn an additional $25 per thermostat for continuing in the program. A Nest Thermostat can help you use less energy and live comfortably in your home while staying in control of your energy usage.

Maximize energy savings

SRP will pay you to use less energy when everyone else is using more. And your Nest Thermostat can do it automatically.

How it works:

  • SRP wants to lower demand during energy rush hours, like hot summer afternoons when everyone's cranking up the AC.
  • The Nest Thermostat can help you use less energy by cooling your home ahead of time and turning the temperature up three degrees during peak times.
  • You're in control. If you're home, Nest won't let it get too hot. But if you start feeling warm, you can change the temperature at any time.
  • SRP will give you a $75 electric bill credit for up to two devices. After the first year, you'll get $25 for up to two devices each additional year you stay enrolled.
  • There could be a maximum of 15 rush hour events each summer with each one lasting between one and four hours. Rush hours occur between noon and 9 p.m. on weekdays only (holidays excluded).


  • You must be an SRP customer.
  • Your cooling system and connected thermostat must be in SRP's service area.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection and thermostat(s) have to be connected to your Nest account.
  • You must have a Nest account to enroll in SRP's program. If you do not have one, you will need to establish one prior to enrollment.
  • You will need to provide your SRP bill account number to complete the application.
  • For additional program information, call (602) 236-2951.

*M-Power customers must make a minimum energy purchase of $1 for credit to apply.